GRE Word List


malodorous; foul

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The meaning of the word fetid is malodorous; foul.

Random words

fulsomedisgustingly excessive; offensively flattering; Ex. fulsome praise/expressions of admire
pummelpommel; beat or pound with fists
monochromepainting in only one color; ADJ.
vapidlacking liveliness; dull and unimaginative; insipid and flavorless; Ex. vapid lecture
reimburserepay; pay back
festerrankle; produce irritation or resentment; (of a cut or wound) generate pus or rot; Ex. His insult festered in my mind for days.
ravagedevastate; plunder; despoil; Ex. crops ravaged by storms
nebulousvague; hazy; cloudy; of a nebula; Ex. nebulous proposal
garnergather; store up; amass
cornucopiahorn (or horn-shaped container) overflowing with fruit and grain; symbol of abundance; horn of plenty