GRE Word List



The meaning of the word disinclination is unwillingness.

Random words

genreparticular variety of art or literature
perspicuous(of something) plainly expressed; easy to understand; Ex. perspicuous comments
tranquillitycalmness; peace
atheisticdenying the existence of God; N. atheism
inclusivetending to include all; all-inclusive; Ex. inclusive charge
trimmake neat or tidy by clipping; reduce by removing what is unnecessary; ornament; decorate (round the edges); Ex. trim the cost; Ex. jacket trimmed with fur; N. ADJ: tidy; in good order
autopsyexamination of a dead body; postmortem; V.
obviatemake unnecessary; get rid of; Ex. obviate the need
purgatoryplace of spiritual expiation; temporary state or place in which the souls must expiate their sins
minutiaepetty or trivial details; CF. minutia