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GRE Word List


atrocious; wicked; hatefully bad; Ex. heinous crime

The meaning of the word heinous is atrocious; wicked; hatefully bad; Ex. heinous crime.

Random words

inconsequentialinsignificant; unimportant
tenderoffer formally; extend; Ex. tender one's resignation/the exact fare; N: formal offer; money; Ex. legal tender; ADJ: young and vulnerable; sensitive to the touch; sore; soft; delicate; Ex. child of tender years; Ex. tender wound
expenditurepayment or expense; expending; something expended; output; Ex. receipt for the expenditure; Ex. expenditure of all the energy
mottledblotched in coloring; spotted; Ex. mottled face; V. mottle: mark with blotches of different colors
duressforcible restraint, especially unlawfully; coercion by threat; illegal coercion; Ex. a promise made under duress
swelter(of a person) suffer from oppressive heat; be oppressed by heat
malicioushateful; spiteful; expressing malice; N. malice: desire to harm others; spite
pertinentsuitable; to the point; relevant
trimmake neat or tidy by clipping; reduce by removing what is unnecessary; ornament; decorate (round the edges); Ex. trim the cost; Ex. jacket trimmed with fur; N. ADJ: tidy; in good order
kudoshonor; glory; acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement