GRE Word List


implied comparison; CF. simile

The meaning of the word metaphor is implied comparison; CF. simile.

Random words

aboriginalbeing the first of its kind in a region; primitive; native; indigenous; N. aborigine
cosmicpertaining to the universe; vast
mosaicpicture made of small colorful inlaid tiles; ADJ.
carnivorousmeat-eating; N. carnivore; CF. herbivore
ploystrategem to gain an advantage; tactic; Ex. management ploy
pedagogueteacher; CF. child leader
sedentaryrequiring sitting; done while sitting; not moving from one place to another; settled; Ex. sedentary job/population
plumberone who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing(pipes)
recuperaterecover; return to health; regain; Ex. recuperate losses
kindredrelated; belonging to the same group; similar in nature or character; Ex. kindred languages; N: relative; kin; kinship