GRE Word List


unruly; peevish; cranky; bad-tempered; Ex. fractious horse

The meaning of the word fractious is unruly; peevish; cranky; bad-tempered; Ex. fractious horse.

Random words

boutmatch; short period of great activity; Ex. wrestling bout; bout of drinking/flu
temperamentcharacteristic frame of mind; disposition; emotional excess; ADJ. temperamental: of temperament; having frequent changes of temper; Ex. temperamental dislike of sports; Ex. temperamental actress
scorchsear; N.
rouelecherous man
prodpoke (with a pointed object); stir up; urge; goad to action; N: pointed object used to prod; prodding
transitorytransient; impermanent; fleeting; N. transitoriness
antiquityquality of being very old; ancient times; °íŽë
indecisionirresolution; inability to make up one's mind
pettytrivial; unimportant; very small; small-minded; petty-minded