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GRE Word List


unruly; peevish; cranky; bad-tempered; Ex. fractious horse

The meaning of the word fractious is unruly; peevish; cranky; bad-tempered; Ex. fractious horse.

Random words

titanicgigantic; N. titan
emaciatedthin and wasted (from hunger or illness)
aghastfilled with great surprise or fear; horrified
requiemmass for the dead; dirge
stampedesudden frenzied rush (of panic-stricken animals or people); V: participate in or cause stampede; Ex. stampede before the price rises
culminationhighest point; climax; V. culminate in: reach the highest point in; end in; Ex. a series of minor clashes culminating in war
wincemove back suddenly; shrink back; flinch; Ex. She winced as she touched the cold body.
smudgedirty mark with unclear edges made by rubbing; V.
pragmatistpractical person; N. pragmatism: pragmatic way of dealing with things
alleviaterelieve (pain)