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GRE Word List


existing at birth

The meaning of the word congenital is existing at birth.

Random words

compunctionremorse; strong uneasiness caused by guilt
inductivepertaining to induction or proceeding from the specific to the general
antagonismhostility; active opposition; V. antagonize: cause to become an enemy; N. antagonist: person who is opposed to another; opponent; adversary; principal character in oppostion to the protagonist
tempermoderate; make less severe; tone down or restrain; toughen (steel) as by alternate heating and cooling
consecratededicate; sanctify; declare as sacred; Ex. consecrate one's life to helping the poor
finaleconclusion; concluding part
bristleshort stiff hair; V: (hair or fur) stand up stiffly
fortuitousaccidental; by chance; N. fortuity
perversepurposely continuing to do something wrong; stubbornly wrongheaded; perverted; directed away from what is right; wicked and unacceptable; Ex. perverse satisfaction; Ex. Hannibal Lecter in a perverse mood; N. perversity
latentpresent but not yet noticeable or active; dormant; hidden; N. latency; CF. potential