GRE Word List


capable of being bribed; corrupt; CF. vernal

The meaning of the word venal is capable of being bribed; corrupt; CF. vernal.

Random words

impoverishmake poor; deprive of natural strength or something important; Ex. impoverished soil
onslaughtvicious assault; fierce attack; Ex. unexpected onslaught of the enemy
atrocitybrutal deed; ADJ. atrocious
panegyricformal praise; encomium; Ex. I don't deserve such panegyrics.
preeminentoutstanding; superior
traumatic(of an experience) deeply shocking; pertaining to an injury caused by violence; N. trauma: serious wound; emotional shock that causes lasting psychological damage
grandiloquent(of a person or speech) using high sounding or important-sounding language; pompous; bombastic
kineticproducing motion; of motion
expenditurepayment or expense; expending; something expended; output; Ex. receipt for the expenditure; Ex. expenditure of all the energy