GRE Word List


shyness; lack of self-confidence; timidity; ADJ. diffident

The meaning of the word diffidence is shyness; lack of self-confidence; timidity; ADJ. diffident.

Random words

relegateput into a lower or worse place; banish to an inferior position; delegate; assign; Ex. relegate the old furniture to the children's room; Ex. relegated to the second division
swipehit with a sweeping motion; N.
opportunetimely; well-chosen
trothpledge of good faith especially in betrothal; betrothal; Ex. by my troth
bluesstate of depression or melancholy; style of slow, mournful music (evolved from southern Black American songs)
whimsudden capricious idea; fancy
dormerwindow projecting upright from roof; CF. sleeping room
awrydistorted; crooked; bent; Ex. Our plans have gone awry.
holsterleather pistol case (that hangs on a belt around the waist)