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GRE Word List


trying to please; obliging; willing to please others

The meaning of the word complaisant is trying to please; obliging; willing to please others.

Random words

commodiousspacious and comfortable
fuss:trouble or worry over trifles; make nervous; pay too much attention to; N: needless concern or worry (about a trivial thing); anxious nervous condition; display of attention; Ex. make a fuss over the baby
conjecturesurmise; guess; V.
ingrateungrateful person (not expressing thanks)
shangri-laimaginary remote paradise on earth; CF. Lost Horizon
crestfallendejected; dispirited
mashcrush into mash; convert into mash; N: mixture of ground grain and nutrients fed to livestock and fowl
itinerantwandering; traveling from place to place (to perform work); Ex. itinerant preacher
promiscuousmixed indiscriminately; indiscriminate; not choosing carefully; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners; irregular, particularly sexually; Ex. promiscuous life/girl; N. promiscuity
tertiarythird in order or rank