GRE Word List


upward; high up in the air

The meaning of the word aloft is upward; high up in the air.

Random words

augmentincrease; add to
extirpateroot up; uproot; destroy completely
decorousproper (in behavior, conduct, or appearance)
punitivepunishing; Ex. punitive measures
pejorative(of a word or phrase) suggesting that someone is of little value; negative in connotation; having a belittling effect; Ex. Many women now considers ``housewife'' a pejorative expression, because it patronized them.
stipulatestate as a necessary condition (of an agreement); make express conditions; specify; Ex. He stipulated payment in advance
unrulydisobedient; lawless; difficult to control
truncatecut the top off; shorten
impregnatemake pregnant; fill thoroughly; saturate