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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word infirmity is weakness.

Random words

clarionshrill, trumpetlike sound; kind of trumpet used in former times
stinkstench; V: emit a strong foul odor
aberrationdeviation from the normal; mental disorder
tantamountequivalent in effect or value; Ex. This invasion is tantamount to a declaration of war; CF. amount
validatemake valid; confirm; ratify
arrearsbeing in debt; money that should have been paid; work that should have been done
disarraystate of disorder; a disorderly or untidy state; Ex. with her clothes in disarray
pugilistboxer; CF. pugilism: boxing
enunciateannounce; proclaim; utter or speak, especially distinctly; pronounce clearly; articulate; Ex. This theory was first enunciated by him.