GRE Word List


friendly social atmosphere : social harmony

The meaning of the word comity is friendly social atmosphere : social harmony.

Random words

repineto feel or express dejection or discontent : complain
centrifugea machine using centrifugal force for separating substances of different densities, for removing moisture, or for simulating gravitational effects
obstinatestubbornly adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion
enfranchiseto set free (as from slavery)
clamberto climb awkwardly or with effort especially by using both the hands and the feet
lilliputianof, relating to, or characteristic of the Lilliputians or the island of Lilliput
agrarianof or relating to fields or lands or their tenure
disabuseto free from error, misconception, or fallacy (see fallacy
staidmarked by settled sedateness and often prim self-restraint : sober