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GRE Word List


courtesy; civility; Ex. comity of nations

The meaning of the word comity is courtesy; civility; Ex. comity of nations.

Random words

lunaticinsane; Ex. lunatic asylum
languidlacking energy or vitality; weary; sluggish; listless
factitiousartificial; produced artificially; sham; false; Ex. factitious tears
marreddamaged; disfigured; V. mar: spoil; disfigure
rudimentaryelementary; not developed; crude; N. rudiment: fundamental element or principle; Ex. rudiments of the language
whitsmall amount; smallest speck; Ex. not a whit of
forsakedesert; abandon; renounce
condoleexpress condolences; N. condolence: sympathy for someone who has experienced great sorrow
instituteorganization for a special purpose; V: establish
eulogisticpraising; full of eulogy