GRE Word List



The meaning of the word innate is inborn.

Random words

fortitudebravery; courage; strength of mind
rarefiedmade less dense (of a gas); V. rarefy: make less dense; N. rarefaction
patrimonyproperty inherited from a father
visionaryproduced by imagination; fanciful; mystical; showing foresight; N: one having foresight; one given to speculative impractical ideas
illimitableinfinite; limitless
hotheadperson who does things too quickly without thinking; ADJ. hotheaded
abyssenormous chasm; vast bottomless pit
verdigrisgreen coating or patina on copper which has been exposed to the weather
determinatehaving a fixed order of procedure; precisely defined; invariable; fixed; conclusive; final
fertileproducing many young, fruits, or seeds; (of land) producing good crops; V. fertilize