GRE Word List


an order usually having the force of law

The meaning of the word decree is an order usually having the force of law.

Random words

spoonerisma transposition of usually initial sounds of two or more words (as in tons of soil for sons of toil)
callousbeing hardened and thickened
prescienceforeknowledge of events:
bombasticmarked by or given to speech or writing that is given exaggerated importance by artificial or empty means : marked by or given to bombast : pompous
seinea large net with sinkers on one edge and floats on the other that hangs vertically in the water and is used to enclose and catch fish when its ends are pulled together or are drawn ashore
decompositionto separate into constituent parts or elements or into simpler compounds
dwindleto become steadily less : shrink
fractioustending to be troublesome : unruly
regattaa rowing, speedboat, or sailing race or a series of such races
expatiateto move about freely or at will : wander