GRE Word List


denoting a widely used temperature scale (basically same as Celsius)

The meaning of the word centigrade is denoting a widely used temperature scale (basically same as Celsius).

Random words

nigglespend too much time on minor points (esp. when finding fault); find fault; Ex. niggle over details; ADJ. niggling
grouchbad-tempered complaint; person who keeps complaining; V: complain; grumble
negatecancel out; nullify; cause to have no effect; deny; N. negation
querulousgiven to complaining; complaining; fretful; whining
adamanthard; inflexible
renegadedeserter; traitor; ADJ.
librettotext of an opera or oratorio; CF. book
latchfastening or lock consisting of a movable bar that fits into a notch; V: close with a latch
cognatehaving a common origin; related linguistically; allied by blood; similar or akin in nature; Ex. cognate languages; N.
rescindrepeal; annul; cancel (a law, decision, or agreement)