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GRE Word List


rash; reckless; foolishly daring

The meaning of the word foolhardy is rash; reckless; foolishly daring.

Random words

reciprocalmutual; given and received in return; exchangeable; interacting; Ex. reciprocal trade agreement
hypercriticalexcessively exacting; too critical (without noticing good qualities)
raconteurstory-teller; one who tells stories with wit and skill
incessantuninterrupted; unceasing
conciliatoryreconciling; soothing; V. conciliate: reconcile; soothe; win the friendly feelings (by removing anger)
timbrequality of a musical tone produced by a musical instrument (which distinguishes it from others of the same pitch)
volitionact of using one's will; act of making a conscious choice; Ex. She selected this dress of her own volition.
lunarpertaining to the moon
precinctdivision of a city for election or police purposes; precincts: space that surrounds a building; Ex. precincts of the college
complementcomplete; consummate; make perfect; N.