GRE Word List


causing nausea; feeling nausea

The meaning of the word nauseous is causing nausea; feeling nausea.

Random words

responsivenessstate of reacting readily to appeals, orders, etc.; ADJ. responsive: readily reacting; Ex. responsive to treatment
nauticalpertaining to ships or navigation
cronehag; ugly old woman
aboriginalbeing the first of its kind in a region; primitive; native; indigenous; N. aborigine
rafflelottery; V: award as a prize in a raffle; Ex. raffle off a new car
misogamyhatred of marriage
ulcersore place appearing on the skin inside or outside the body; Ex. stomach ulcer; ADJ. ulcerous; V. ulcerate
listlesslacking in spirit or energy; languid
wringtwist (to extract liquid); extract by twisting; wrench painfully (necks or hands)
rickety(of buildings) likely to break or fall apart; of rickets; CF. rickets; CF. vitamin D