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GRE Word List


causing nausea; feeling nausea

The meaning of the word nauseous is causing nausea; feeling nausea.

Random words

spuriousfalse; counterfeit; forged; illogical; Ex. spurious arguments
sanctuaryplace of refuge; shelter; shrine; holy place; Ex. The outlaw was granted sanctuary in the church.
adherestick fast; be a devotd follower; N. adhesion: adhering; devotion; loyality
quarrydig into (to get stone); N: mine; ä
victualsfood; provisions; V. victual: provide with food
understatestate with less truth than seems warranted by the facts; Ex. He understated the seriousness of the crime; N. understatement; OP. overstate
abatesubside or moderate
statutorycreated by statute or legislative action; regulated by statute; Ex. statutory age limit