GRE Word List


a long pillow or cushion

The meaning of the word bolster is a long pillow or cushion.

Random words

torridparched with heat especially of the sun : hot
cravenlacking the least bit of courage : contemptibly fainthearted
carpingmarked by or inclined to querulous and often perverse criticism
artificeclever or artful skill : ingenuity
jaundiceyellowish pigmentation of the skin, tissues, and body fluids caused by the deposition of bile pigments
potpourria mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is usually kept in a jar and used for scent
dispiritedto deprive of morale or enthusiasm
alluvialrelating to, composed of, or found in alluvium
contendto strive or vie in contest or rivalry or against difficulties : struggle
steadfastfirmly fixed in place : immovable