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GRE Word List


(of a word or remark) apt; suitably expressed; well chosen

The meaning of the word felicitous is (of a word or remark) apt; suitably expressed; well chosen.

Random words

authoritariansubordinating the individual to the state; completely dominating another's will; Ex. authoritarian regime/father
dissuadepersuade not to do; discourage; N. dissuasion
gruntutter a deep guttural sound (as a pig does); N.
reactionarystrongly opposed to social or political change; opposing progress; politically ultraconservative; N. OP. radical
lustintense sexual desire; intense eagerness; V.
exodusdeparture (of a large number of people)
vociferousclamorous; noisy; V. vociferate: cry out loudly (when complaining)
innuendoindirect or subtle (derogatory) hint; insinuation; Ex. sexual innuendo
deb\^aclesudden disastrous downfall or defeat; complete disaster