GRE Word List


two-chambered as a legislative body

The meaning of the word bicameral is two-chambered as a legislative body.

Random words

residueremainder; balance
grouchbad-tempered complaint; person who keeps complaining; V: complain; grumble
roterepetition; memorization through repetition without understanding; Ex. learn poetry by rote
diffusewordy; verbose; rambling; spread out (like a gas); V: spread out in all directions; disperse; N. diffusion; CF. suffuse
wizardrysorcery; magic
terseconcise; abrupt; pithy
sapdiminish; weaken; undermine the foundations of (a fortification); Ex. The element kryptonite sapped his strength.
carousaldrunken revel; V. carouse
augustimpressive; majestic