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GRE Word List


long and thin; Ex. Lank, gaunt, Abraham Lincoln

The meaning of the word lank is long and thin; Ex. Lank, gaunt, Abraham Lincoln.

Random words

orientationact of finding oneself in society; orienting
humanitarianone devoted to the promotion of human welfare; CF. humanism
extrudeforce or push out; thrust out; shape (plastic or metal) by forcing through a die
jabberchatter rapidly or unintelligibly
fanfarecall by bugles or trumpets; showy display; spectacular public display
militantcombative; bellicose; N.
expletivemeaningless word; interjection; profane oath; swear-word
sophisticatedworldly wise and urbane; refined; complex; N. sophistication; V. sophisticate
impudenceimpertinence; insolence