GRE Word List


condition or period of flowering

The meaning of the word florescence is condition or period of flowering.

Random words

torsotrunk of statue with head and limbs missing; human trunk
reinstaterestore to a previous condition or position
piecemealone part at a time; gradually; in stages; Ex. read a novel piecemeal
dismantletake apart; disassemble
indifferentunmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in; mediocre; neither good nor bad
impetuousviolent; hasty; rash; impulsive; without careful thought; Ex. impetuous decision
tenderoffer formally; extend; Ex. tender one's resignation/the exact fare; N: formal offer; money; Ex. legal tender; ADJ: young and vulnerable; sensitive to the touch; sore; soft; delicate; Ex. child of tender years; Ex. tender wound
gentilitythose of gentle birth; high social class; refinement; quality of being genteel
luxuriantabundant; growing healthily and in large amounts; excessively ornate; rich and splendid; fertile; Ex. luxuriant forests/prose; CF. luxurious, luxuriate
laconicbrief and to the point; using few words; terse