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GRE Word List


fit or attack of pain, laughter, rage; sudden outburst

The meaning of the word paroxysm is fit or attack of pain, laughter, rage; sudden outburst.

Random words

curfewregulation requiring all people to leave the streets at stated times; signal (as a bell) announcing the hour of a curfew
cowershrink quivering as from fear; cringe
misadventuremischance; ill luck; Ex. death by misadventure
canvassdetermine or seek opinions, votes, etc.; go through (a region) to solicit votes or orders; conduct a survey; N.
moratoriumlegal delay of payment or action; Ex. declare moratorium on the building of new houses
proletarianmember of the working class; blue collar guy; N. proletariat: working class (who have to work for wages)
palpabletangible; (of something bad) easily perceptible; obvious; Ex. palpable blunder
seclusionisolation; solitude; V. seclude: set apart from others; isolate
defectshortcoming; V: desert (in order to join the opposite one)
donput on; OP. doff