GRE Word List


fit or attack of pain, laughter, rage; sudden outburst

The meaning of the word paroxysm is fit or attack of pain, laughter, rage; sudden outburst.

Random words

oglelook at amorously; make eyes at; Ex. old men ogling young girls
conceptionbeginning; forming of an idea; fertilization; V. conceive: form an idea in the mind; devise; become pregnant; CF. inception
imbuesaturate(soak thoroughly); fill; Ex. imbue someone with feelings
microcosmsmall representative world; world in miniature; Ex. microcosm of English society
attenuatemake thin; weaken
deb\^aclesudden disastrous downfall or defeat; complete disaster
substantiatesupport (a claim) with evidence; establish with evidence; verify
equityfairness; justice; OP. inequity
dofftake off; OP. don
glibfluent (with insincerity or superficiality); facile; slick