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GRE Word List


greedy; extremely eager for; Ex. avid learner; N. avidity

The meaning of the word avid is greedy; extremely eager for; Ex. avid learner; N. avidity.

Random words

effeminatehaving womanly traits
cantinsincere speech or expression of piety; jargon of thieves; special words used by a particular group of people
industriousdiligent; hard-working; N. industry
acmepeak; pinnacle; highest point
alienatemake unfriendly or hostile; estrange; separate; change the ownership of
proteanable to take on many forms; versatile; CF. Proteus: sea god to change his shape at will
ecologistperson concerned with the interrelationship between living organisms and their environment; person concerned with the detrimental effects of human civilization on the environment; CF. ecology
resourcefulclever and imaginative (in dealing with difficult situations); N. resource, resourcefulness
depredationplundering; destruction