GRE Word List


greedy; extremely eager for; Ex. avid learner; N. avidity

The meaning of the word avid is greedy; extremely eager for; Ex. avid learner; N. avidity.

Random words

politicprudent; judicious; well judged; expedient; well devised
leewayroom to move; margin; latitude; Ex. leeway for the deadline
betrothbecome engaged to marry
psychosomaticof the influence of the mind on the body (esp. with respect to disease)
sobrietymoderation (especially regarding indulgence in alcohol); seriousness
jetsamthings thrown from a ship (to lighten the ship)
implementput into effect; enforce; carry out; supply with tools; Ex. implement the plan/suggestion; N: tool or instrument
centrifugalradiating; departing from the center
rakishjaunty; stylish; sporty; morally corrupt; dissolute; Ex. He wore his hat at a rakish and jaunty angle.
nostalgiahomesickness; longing for the past; Ex. nostalgia for the clothes of 1920s; ADJ. nostalgic