GRE Word List


astonish (making dumb); ADJ. dumbfounded, dumfounded, dumbstruck

The meaning of the word dumbfound is astonish (making dumb); ADJ. dumbfounded, dumfounded, dumbstruck.

Random words

converseopposite; ADJ.
suitorman who is courting a woman
endearmake beloved; Ex. endear her to everyone; ADJ. dear: loved; cherished; high-priced
suffocatedie or kill from lack of air; suppress
acceleratemove faster
immureimprison; shut up in confinement; CF. wall
contravenecontradict; oppose; violate (a rule, law, or custom); N. contravention
whorlring of leaves around stem; ring; circular arrangement; Ex. whorls on the fingers
offhandcasual; done without prior thought or preparation