GRE Word List


beginning; in an early stage

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The meaning of the word incipient is beginning; in an early stage.

Random words

fulcrumsupport on which a lever rests or pivots
anthropologiststudent of the history and science of humankind
immolateoffer or kill as a sacrifice (by fire)
derisionridicule; ADJ. derisive; CF. derisory
inuredaccustomed; hardened; Ex. inured to the Alaskan cold; V. inure: make used to something undesirable; harden; CF. unfeeling
deduciblederived by reasoning; V. deduce: infer; derive by reasoning
graduatedarranged by degrees (of height, difficulty, etc.)
scrutinizeexamine closely and critically; N. scrutiny
chapelsmall church (in a prison, college, or hospital)
recalcitrantdisobedient or resisting authority even after being punished; obstinately stubborn; determined to resist authority; unruly; Ex. recalcitrant child