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GRE Word List


pertaining to the aurora borealis; CF. aurora australis

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word auroral is pertaining to the aurora borealis; CF. aurora australis.

Random words

wreakinflict; Ex. wreak one's vengeance on
backsliderevert (to bad habits); N. reverter
negatecancel out; nullify; cause to have no effect; deny; N. negation
inviolablesecure from corruption, attack, or violation(or profanation); unassailable; Ex. inviolable oath/rights; N. inviolability
substantiatesupport (a claim) with evidence; establish with evidence; verify
rife(of something bad) widespread; abundant; current
debarbar; forbid; exclude; Ex. debarred from jury services
knelltolling of a bell especially to indicate a funeral, disaster, etc.; sound of the funeral bell; V.
criteriastandards used in judging; CF. criterion
wagshake repeatedly from side to side; Ex. The dog wagged its tail; N: humorous person; wit