GRE Word List


hard coating or crust; V. incrust: encrust; cover with a crust

The meaning of the word incrustation is hard coating or crust; V. incrust: encrust; cover with a crust.

Random words

leavenadd leaven to; cause to rise or grow lighter; enliven; N: agent, such as yeast, that causes dough to rise (by fermentation); element that lightens or enlivens
slakesatisfy (thirst); quench; sate
untowardunexpected and adverse; unfortunate or unlucky; Ex. untoward encounter
proneinclined to; likely to (suffer); prostrate; lying with the front downward; Ex. prone to disease/make mistakes; Ex. accident-prone
outmodedno longer in fashion or use; no longer stylish; old-fashioned
statelyformal; ceremonious; grand in style or size; majestic
impassepredicament(dangerous condition) from which there is no escape; situation allowing for no further progress
sublimaterefine; purify; replace (natural urges) with socially acceptable activities; change between a solid state and a gaseous state
shearremove (fleece or hair) by cutting; remove the hair or fleece from; cut with or as if with shears; N: shears; pair of scissors
extirpateroot up; uproot; destroy completely