GRE Word List


place of safety; refuge; harbor; Ex. tax haven

The meaning of the word haven is place of safety; refuge; harbor; Ex. tax haven.

Random words

evinceshow clearly
craftskill (esp. with one's hands); skill in deceiving people; guile; ADJ. crafty: cleverly deceitful; cunning
pettytrivial; unimportant; very small; small-minded; petty-minded
pietydevoutness; reverence for God; ADJ. pious
consonanceharmony; agreement
porousfull of pores; like a sieve
scaleclimb up; ascend; remove or come off in scales; N: flake of epidermis; ascending or descending series of musical tones
swarmlarge group of insects moving in a mass; crowd of people or animals; V: move in a crowd or mass
accruecome to one as a gain; accumulate over time; come about by addition; Ex. benefits that accrue from scientific research; Ex. interest accruing in a bank account; N. accrual
badinageteasing conversation; banter; joking talk