GRE Word List


pithy, compact saying

The meaning of the word apothegm is pithy, compact saying.

Random words

glowshine brightly without a flame (as of eyes or metals); show redness and heat (in the face) after hard work or because of strong feelings; N: light produced by a heated body; brilliance of a color
arbitraryunreasonable or capricious; random; tyrannical; Ex. arbitrary ruler
spatsquabble; minor dispute; minor quarrel
confoundconfuse; puzzle
forthcominghappening in the near future; ready; willing to help; Ex. No answer was forthcoming.
jetsamthings thrown from a ship (to lighten the ship)
drudgeryhard unpleasant work; menial work
luxuriantabundant; growing healthily and in large amounts; excessively ornate; rich and splendid; fertile; Ex. luxuriant forests/prose; CF. luxurious, luxuriate
amplifyincrease in size or effect; expand; broaden or clarify by expanding; intensify; make stronger; Ex. amplify one's remarks with a graph
renownfame; ADJ. renowned