GRE Word List


move about in a spirited manner (proudly and confidently)

The meaning of the word prance is move about in a spirited manner (proudly and confidently).

Random words

brocaderich, figured(patterned) fabric
dauntintimidate; frighten; discourage; dishearten
egotismtendency to speak or write of oneself excessively; conceit; self-importance
instigatestart; urge; provoke; incite; Ex. instigate a search/quarrel
ellipticalelliptic; oval; of an ellipse; containing an ellipsis; ambiguous either purposely or because key words have been left out
bluffpretense (of strength); deception; high cliff; ADJ: rough but good-natured
insurrectionrebellion; uprising
quaffdrink with zest; drink with relish(zest; hearty enjoyment); ČÜČ©ČÜČ© ž¶œĂŽÙ; CF. sip
limpidcrystal clear
hotheadperson who does things too quickly without thinking; ADJ. hotheaded