GRE Word List


beauty; comeliness; ADJ. pulchritudinous

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The meaning of the word pulchritude is beauty; comeliness; ADJ. pulchritudinous.

Random words

triflesomething of little importance or value; small amount; Ex. a trifle; V: treat without seriousness; flirt
billowingswelling out in waves; surging
connotationsuggested or implied meaning of an expression; V. connote
imperilput in danger
temporalof time; not lasting forever; limited by time; temporary; secular; worldly
caratunit of weight for precious stones; measure of the purity of gold
vindictivedisposed to revenge; vengeful; out for revenge; spiteful; intended to cause harm; malicious; Ex. vindictive streak
withstandstand up against; resist successfully
munificentvery generous in giving; Ex. munificent benefactor; N. munificience
bevylarge group; Ex. a bevy of starlets