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GRE Word List


beauty; comeliness; ADJ. pulchritudinous

The meaning of the word pulchritude is beauty; comeliness; ADJ. pulchritudinous.

Random words

renegebreak a promise; deny; go back on; Ex. renege on the contract/paying off the debt
broachintroduce as a subject; moot; open up
downcastdisheartened; dejected; sad; directed downward
poseurperson who pretends to be sophisticated, elegant, etc., to impress others; person who poses; CF. pose
outmodedno longer in fashion or use; no longer stylish; old-fashioned
turbulencestate of violent agitation; ADJ. turbulent: violently agitated or disturbed
innuendoindirect or subtle (derogatory) hint; insinuation; Ex. sexual innuendo
pyromaniacperson with an insane desire to set things on fire
outlawfugitive from the law (excluded from legal protection); V: declare (someone) to be an outlaw; deprive of the protection of the law; declare illegal; Ex. Drinking has been outlawed.
confiscateseize; take possession of (private property) by official order (usu. as a punishment); commandeer