GRE Word List


unduly prolonged or drawn out : too long

The meaning of the word prolixity is unduly prolonged or drawn out : too long.

Random words

corrosivetending or having the power to corrode
banea source of harm or ruin : curse
yokea wooden bar or frame by which two draft animals (such as oxen) are joined at the heads or necks for working together
deposeto remove from a throne or other high position
barristera counsel admitted to plead at the bar and undertake the public trial of causes in an English superior court compare solicitor
gleama transient appearance of subdued or partly obscured light
concedeto acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly
inverseopposite in order, nature, or effect
bacchanaliaa Roman festival of Bacchus celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry
muddleto make turbid or muddy