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GRE Word List


(of societies or groups) combine; unite in one body

The meaning of the word amalgamate is (of societies or groups) combine; unite in one body.

Random words

sleazyshabby and dirty; flimsy; insubstantial; Ex. sleazy back-street hotel/fabric
objectivenot influenced by emotions; fair; N: goal; aim
cessionyielding to another; ceding
prosperoussuccessful; rich; affluent; well-to-do; well-off
fulcrumsupport on which a lever rests or pivots
diligencesteadiness of effort; persistent hard work
unfalteringsteadfast; firm; not changing
culminationhighest point; climax; V. culminate in: reach the highest point in; end in; Ex. a series of minor clashes culminating in war
dynamogenerator for producing electricity; energetic person
nourishprovide with food necessary for life and growth