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GRE Word List


harmonious; in harmony with; able to exist together

The meaning of the word compatible is harmonious; in harmony with; able to exist together.

Random words

ciliatedhaving minute hairs; CF. cilium; CF. cilia: eyelash
caliberability; quality; diameter of the inside of a round cylinder; Ex. work of very high caliber
citequote; commend; Ex. cited for bravery in an official record
mangletear or cut to pieces; mutilate or disfigure; Ex. badly mangled bodies
conflagrationgreat fire
emulateimitate; rival; try to equal or excel (through imitation)
optimistperson who looks on the bright side; N. optimism
spanglesmall shiny metallic piece sewn to clothing for ornamentation
metemeasure; distribute; administer; Ex. mete out justice/punishment
leashrestraining rope fastened to the collar of an animal (to control it); Ex. a dog on a leash