GRE Word List


an authoritative decree or direction : order

The meaning of the word ordinance is an authoritative decree or direction : order.

Random words

centrifugalproceeding or acting in a direction away from a center or axis
tyrannyoppressive power
sheafa quantity of the stalks and ears of a cereal grass or sometimes other plant material bound together
coddleto cook (something, such as eggs) in liquid slowly and gently just below the boiling point
calamitya disastrous event marked by great loss and lasting distress and suffering
reclineto cause or permit to incline backwards
vestigea trace, mark, or visible sign left by something (such as an ancient city or a condition or practice) vanished or lost
oustto remove from or dispossess of property or position by legal action, by force, or by the compulsion of necessity
propulsivetending or having power to propel