GRE Word List


of or relating to air : atmospheric

The meaning of the word airy is of or relating to air : atmospheric.

Random words

halefree from defect, disease, or infirmity : sound
cacophonousmarked by cacophony : harsh-sounding
hallucinationa sensory perception (such as a visual image or a sound) that occurs in the absence of an actual external stimulus and usually arises from neurological disturbance (such as that associated with delirium tremens, schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, or narcolepsy) or in response to drugs (such as LSD or phencyclidine)
lasciviousfilled with or showing sexual desire : lewd
ominousbeing or exhibiting an omen : portentous
attestto affirm to be true or genuine
awfulextremely disagreeable or objectionable
onslaughtan especially fierce attack
gamutthe whole series of recognized musical notes
dispiritedto deprive of morale or enthusiasm