GRE Word List


cancel; put an end to

The meaning of the word abolish is cancel; put an end to.

Random words

rivetingholding one's attention; absorbing; engrossing
cholerichot-tempered; bad-tempered; irritable; easily angered; CF. cholera
expatiatetalk at length; speak or write in detail
droopbend or hang downward; become weakened; Ex. His shoulders drooped with tiredness; N.
chastisepunish as by beating; criticize severely
forwardpresumptuous or bold
pedagogyteaching; art of education
myopicnearsighted; lacking foresight; N. myopia
pedestrianordinary; dull; unimaginative(lacking in imagination); going on foot; Ex. pedestrian prose; N.
gerrymanderchange voting district lines in order to favor a political party; N. CF. Elbridge Gerry + (sala)mander