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GRE Word List


thin; slight; barely discernible

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word wispy is thin; slight; barely discernible.

Random words

manneredaffected; not natural; Ex. mannered way of speech
chastendiscipline; punish in order to correct; CF. castigate
fledglinginexperienced; N: young bird that has acquired wing feathers and is learning to fly; inexperienced person
snivelcomplain or whine tearfully; run at the nose; snuffle; Ex. Don't come back sniveling to me.
ungainly(of someone) awkward in movement; clumsy; (of something) unwieldy; Ex. ungainly dancer/instrument
malignspeak evil of; bad-mouth(criticize spitefully); defame; ADJ: harmful; Ex. malign influence
economyefficiency or conciseness in using something; thrifty management of resources
biennialevery two years
inviolablesecure from corruption, attack, or violation(or profanation); unassailable; Ex. inviolable oath/rights; N. inviolability
leavenadd leaven to; cause to rise or grow lighter; enliven; N: agent, such as yeast, that causes dough to rise (by fermentation); element that lightens or enlivens