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GRE Word List


cutting off; separation

Repercussion: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word abscission is cutting off; separation.

Random words

gaffesocial blunder
slaughterkilling of animals for food; massacre; V: butcher (animals) for food; kill in large numbers
avengetake vengence for something or on behalf of someone; Ex. They avenged his death by burning the village; Ex. He swore to avenge his brother; Ex. They avenged themselves on their enemy.
lanklong and thin; Ex. Lank, gaunt, Abraham Lincoln
cynosureobject of general attention; person or thing that is a center of attention; CF. Ursa Minor
aggrandizemake greater; increase in power, wealth, rank, or honor; N. aggrandizement
palpabletangible; (of something bad) easily perceptible; obvious; Ex. palpable blunder
drabdull; lacking color; cheerless ; Ex. drab coat/life
perforatepierce; put a hole through