GRE Word List


steal (things of small value)

The meaning of the word filch is steal (things of small value).

Random words

nipsnip off; stop something's growth or development; bite; make numb with cold; Ex. nip the plan; Ex. A guard dog nipped the postman; Ex. fingers nipped by the extreme chill
throttlestrangle; regulate the speed of with a throttle; N: valve that regulates the flow; CF. throat ?
orgywild drunken revelry; unrestrained indulgence in an activity; Ex. orgy of shopping
relentbecome less severe; give in(surrender); ADJ. relentless: unyielding; continuously severe
shuddershake uncontrollably; tremble; V.
immureimprison; shut up in confinement; CF. wall
transmutetransform; change; convert to something different
razedestroy completely; Ex. raze the city to the ground
sucklegive or take milk at the breast or udder
gourmandepicure; person who takes excessive pleasure in food and drink