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GRE Word List


ardent; zealous; hot

The meaning of the word fervent is ardent; zealous; hot.

Random words

intermittentperiodic; on and off; stopping and starting at intervals
capillaryhaving a very fine bore; resembling a hair; fine and slender; Ex. capillary attraction; N: very fine hairlike tube; CF. capillarity
repulsereject with rudeness or coldness (an offer or friendship); drive back (an enemy attack); CF. repulse $\neq$ cause repulsion
calloushardened; unfeeling; without sympathy for the sufferings of others; unkind
cordonextended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or egress; (어깨에서 겨드랑 밑으로 걸치는) 장식 리본; V.
flailbeat with or as if with a flail; move wildly; thresh grain by hand; strike or slap; toss about; N: threshing tool consisting of a stick swinging from the end of a long handle
impoliticnot wise; not expedient; not politic
grudgingunwilling; reluctant; stingy(giving reluctantly)
maimmutilate; injure lastingly; disable; cripple; Ex. maimed for life
dismembercut into small parts; cut (a body) apart limb from limb