GRE Word List


unerring; never making mistakes

The meaning of the word infallible is unerring; never making mistakes.

Random words

posteritydescendants; future generations; Ex. go down to posterity; CF. posterior, anterior
porestudy industriously; ponder; scrutinize; Ex. pore over the book; N.
furorfrenzy; great anger and excitement; CF. fury
iniquitouswicked; immoral; unrighteous; N. iniquity; Ex. den of iniquity
whimsicalcapricious; fanciful; amusingly strange
inauguratebegin formally; install in office; induct into office by a formal ceremony; N. inauguration; ADJ. inaugural
dintmeans; effort; Ex. by dint of hard work
oscillatevibrate pendulumlike; waver
lionizetreat (a person) as a celebrity