GRE Word List


unrefined; coarse; of earth; Ex. earthy remarks; OP. ethereal

The meaning of the word earthy is unrefined; coarse; of earth; Ex. earthy remarks; OP. ethereal.

Random words

scrapsmall bit or fragment; discarded waste material; fight; Ex. a scrap of paper/cloth; V: break into parts for disposal; discard as worthless; fight; quarrel
plumagefeathers of a bird;
cerebrationthought; working of the brain
authoritativehaving the weight of authority; regarded as providing knowledge that can be trusted; reliable; peremptory and dictatorial; Ex. authoritative dictionary/manner; CF. definitive
deployspread out (troops) in an extended though shallow battle line; distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically
persistcontinue in existence; last; continue in a course of action in spite of opposition; Ex. persist in/with something; ADJ. persistent
hydrophobiafear of water; rabies
agitatestir up; disturb
cursive(of writing) flowing; running; having the successive letters joined
gargoylewaterspout carved in grotesque figures on a building