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GRE Word List


great waterfall; eye abnormality (causing a gradual loss of eyesight)

The meaning of the word cataract is great waterfall; eye abnormality (causing a gradual loss of eyesight).

Random words

snivelcomplain or whine tearfully; run at the nose; snuffle; Ex. Don't come back sniveling to me.
palatialof or suitable for a palace; magnificent
myopicnearsighted; lacking foresight; N. myopia
arrhythmiclacking rhythm or regularity; N. arrhythmia
ascertainfind out for certain; make certain
fuss:trouble or worry over trifles; make nervous; pay too much attention to; N: needless concern or worry (about a trivial thing); anxious nervous condition; display of attention; Ex. make a fuss over the baby
arablefit for growing crops; Ex. arable land
aghastfilled with great surprise or fear; horrified
imperviousimpenetrable; incapable of being damaged or distressed; incapable of being affected (in one's opinions); Ex. impervious to water/criticism