GRE Word List


sear; parched; dry

The meaning of the word sere is sear; parched; dry.

Random words

profounddeep; not superficial; complete; Ex. profound thinker/remark/silence/deafness; N. profundity
codaconcluding section of a musical or literary composition
crypticmysterious; hidden; secret
invalidateweaken; destroy; make invalid; nullify
eclipsedarken; extinguish; outshine; surpass; cause an eclipse
internecinemutually destructive
prescienceability to foretell the future; knowledge of actions before they occur; ADJ. prescient
meeksubmissive; patient and long-suffering
beliecontradict; give a false impression; disguise; Ex. The poor sales belied our high hopes; Ex. Her smile belies her true feeling of displeasure.
philistinenarrow-minded person, uncultured and exclusively interested in material gain; uncultured person who is indifferent to artistic and cultural values; member of an ancient people in Palestine; OP. aesthete