GRE Word List


government under a single ruler

The meaning of the word monarchy is government under a single ruler.

Random words

gruelingexhausting; Ex. grueling marathon race
noveltysomething new; newness; ADJ. novel: new; original
festivejoyous; celebratory; relating to a feast or festival
scurvycontemptible; despicable; N: disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin C
quibbleminor objection or complaint; V: raise minor objections; carp; cavil
stumpbase of a tree trunk left after the rest has been cut down; V: walk in a heavy manner; baffle; puzzle
foresightability to foresee future happenings; prudence in providing for the future
monumentalmassive; impressively large; built as a monument
venerabledeserving high respect; commanding respect; CF. command: deserve and get