GRE Word List


gap; pause; gap or interruption in space or time; break

The meaning of the word hiatus is gap; pause; gap or interruption in space or time; break.

Random words

adversaryopponent; enemy
premonitoryserving to warn
sonnet14-line poetic verse form with a fixed rhyme pattern
grillquestion severely; cook on a grill; broil; N: cooking surface of parallel metal bars
destituteextremely poor; lacking means of subsistence; utterly lacking; devoid; Ex. destitute of any experience
lividlead-colored; black and blue (as from a bruise); ashen; enraged; extremely angry
voraciousravenous; eating large quantities of food; exceedingly eager; insatiable; Ex. voracious animal/reader
glaciallike a glacier; of an ice age; extremely cold; Ex. glacial epoch; CF. iceberg
polemicattack or defense of an opinion; controversy or refutation; argument in support of point of view; N. polemics: art of debate or controversy
mortarvessel in which substances are crushed with a pestle