GRE Word List


the act or power of seeing : sight

The meaning of the word vision is the act or power of seeing : sight.

Random words

wrestto pull, force, or move by violent wringing or twisting movements
velocityquickness of motion : speed
frockan outer garment worn by monks and friars : habit
enamoredaffected by strong feelings of love, admiration, or fascination
creeda brief authoritative formula of religious belief
triflesomething of little value, substance, or importance
astringentcausing a tightening of soft organic tissues : styptic
riveta headed pin or bolt of metal used for uniting two or more pieces by passing the shank through a hole in each piece and then beating or pressing down the plain end so as to make a second head
desecrateto violate the sanctity of : profane
inciteto move to action : stir up : spur on : urge on