GRE Word List


a fortress that commands (see command

The meaning of the word citadel is a fortress that commands (see command.

Random words

debauchto corrupt by intemperance or sensuality
gustatoryrelating to or associated with eating or the sense of taste
shearto cut off the hair from
nirvanathe final beatitude (see beatitude
commonplacecommonly found or seen : ordinary
fermentationthe enzyme-catalyzed anaerobic breakdown of an energy-rich compound (such as a carbohydrate to carbon dioxide and alcohol or to an organic acid) by the action of microorganisms (such as bacteria or yeast) that occurs naturally and is commonly used in the production of various products (such as food, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals) especially by controlling microbial enzymatic activity
epistemologistthe study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity
staidmarked by settled sedateness and often prim self-restraint : sober
travailwork especially of a painful or laborious nature : toil
selectiveof, relating to, or characterized by selection : selecting or tending to select